Architects Atelier Ryo Abe


- Kanagawa, Japan

We created a house with and organic structure – with narrow bones, muscles, and nerves. This house is made of soil, clay, sand, cement, and lime, mixed, and rammed into a wall mold. The soil came from the construction site itself when it was excavated for the foundation.
The amount of soil that was needed for construction, and the amount that was to be dug up was calculated to balance out. This basic construction method is based on a primitive technology, but we combined it with a wooden, and steel structure to reinforce it, creating a sophisticated hybrid system. The timber trace frames, and soil tightened like bone, and muscle. The tilted walls, and angled plan with spiral timber frame lines creates a dynamic exterior form, and interior volume. The earth- rammed wall will age well, and change slowly over time like a living being, enhancing the emotional connection with its inhabitants.



Photos : Hiroshi UEDA


structural system:timber frame
site area : 100.51 m²
built area : 49.89 m²
total floor area : 69.79 m²
1F : 42.02 m²
2F : 27.78 m²