Architects Atelier Ryo Abe

Children’s House in Senegal

- Baghere, Senegal (Competition)

The children’s house in Baghere village is designed to accommodate the monitoring and assistance for children at the risk of malnutrition. Our goal was using the design process to address this issue along with its climatic features and make it more context effective. The design framework focused on shaping their traditional beliefs to a modern form.


Rainwater collection and embracing it through the space was the central feature of the design process. A bamboo rain installation is designed to celebrate this natural phenomenon. The water gets collected to the venetian well where it is purified through natural methods like the layers of sand and gravels. The sunken space around the well gets dried in absence of rain so people can sit around and gossip. The roof system is designed to create a rhythmic ambiance of the falling water in which the hope of receiving fresh water is cherished. The wooden structure beneath holds the primary layer metal sheet outside and local fabric as the secondary layer inside. This double layered roof system protects the indoor from direct sunlight and guarantees a diffused and soft light inside the building. Rammed earth walls are designed with perforations in a rhythmic manner like the falling of rain to ensure the stack effect.


The building is positioned considering the local monsoon and microclimate of the site. While designing the interior spaces, child psychology was kept in mind. Small niches in the wall hold the wooden boxes with books. The boxes can also be kept down and used as sittings. The building is designed to be compact considering the harsh weather outside but the shallow waterbody around the well will keep the inside environment comfortable. Within this, the program is articulated such a way that it creates an immense dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces ensuring a playful environment. The sound of rain in the roof to the shallow pond in the monsoon, the interplay of light in the dry season, the overall sense of sound, light and water all are tied to the African tradition to create a playful space for the children.


Kaira Looro 2022 Architecture Competition Children’s House in Africa

Children’s House

Collaboration: Mahia Mustary Noushin, Dishan Rahman (BUET – Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)

Selected as top 20 finalists of Kaira Looro 2022 International Architecture Competition