Architects Atelier Ryo Abe

Inogashira Goten

- Tokyo, Japan

A 60-year-old house renovation. Two separate buildings were combined into one, with one entrance removed, and the other made larger. Walls between the two structures were demolished, but their structural columns were left exposed as a reminder of the original plan. All tatami mat flooring was changed to wood, with a floor heating system installed. Skylights were added to brighten the space, along with several other modern amenities, but even so, much care was taken to pay homage to the history of this house, and the memories of its inhabitants.?There is a harmony of old, and new materials creating a sense of intimacy for its inhabitants.

House (renovation)
structural system:timber frame
site area : 340.00 m²
built area : 129.09 m²
total floor area : 170.85 m²
1F : 129.09 m²
2F : 41.76 m²