Architects Atelier Ryo Abe

Awakura Onsen Motoyu

- Nishiawakura village, Okayama, Japan

In this rural mountain village, with a declining and aging population, this traditional “onsen” (hot spring) hotel has been closed for some time.
The recent influx of a younger generation to the area has brought entrepreneurs in the timber industry, biomass industries, and other related ventures. One of these young people decided to renovate and reactivate this onsen hotel, and asked us to make a minimal intervention to give a refreshed appearance.

Awakura Onsen Motoyu
JA 103, Autumn 2016
Shinkenchiku 10.2015


Gusethouse & Public bath (renovation)
site area : 1159.34
built area : 608.24
total floor area : 685.86
1F : 608.24
2F : 77.62