Architects Atelier Ryo Abe

Normal building

- Tokyo, Japan

This is the complex building of house and office, stands in the residence area in the center of Tokyo. The client runs the product design office and he wished this building to appear the design motto of the company and the life style of the family at the same time. The more to express the feeling of this family, spontaneous to connect neighbors, we design this house as new landscape of this town.


In this area, there are various types of buildings, small wooden houses, reinforced-concrete apartments and high-rise buildings…

We started to design with a minimal, boxy building, but carefully broke the volume of each space and designed the composition in order to make the new profile of the corner fit the various scales of the surrounding buildings. Inside the core volume of this building, covered with mortar, are the private areas. Around the core, covered with galvanized metal sheet, are the more public areas.

We set the office at the basement and raised up the dining room, kitchen and veranda, with each function facing different streets.





Jutakutokushu 12.2015


Photos : ©Ken SHIMIZU


House & Office
site area : 123.21 m²
built area : 59.71 m²
total floor area : 142.27 m²
B1F : 40.05 m²
1F : 48.60 m²
2F : 53.62 m²