Architects Atelier Ryo Abe


- Calanques National Park / Southern France

Just as trees in the climax forest create ‘Crown Shines’ the beautiful border lines in between branches and leaves to show their intimate networks, We start design the facade to create territories and spaces of each of us, individual and groups, under the trees of entrance zone of the National Park of Calanques in Port Miou. This pavilion, looks just as the seed, is covered its façade with 1600 of stainless mirror sheet to assemble the plants skin or fish scale texture and reflects the image of the nature in the space around it. This small pavilion is designed as the trigger to start discussion about the development of the National Park as to create new relationship between Human and Nature.

Collaboration : Maryna LUKASHEVA


1 : ©Celine Bellanger, ©Parc national des Calanques
2-5 : ©Andrey PERMITIN
6-9 : AARA