Architects Atelier Ryo Abe

Shed, Tree and Lunar

- Kanagawa, Japan

- Architecture as an ambiguous outline


A residential / workplace for graphic designers and their families. In a residential area and also in deep green valley of Hayama, there is a 20m high ginkgo tree and a small wooden two- story house remained on a small triangular plot surrounded with bamboo bushes. Neighboring houses are built without worrying too much about the boundaries and live while sharing gardens and open spaces. This is a small house with about 50 years old, with a history that has been renovated every time the occupant changes, which is rare in Japan. Although it is a small floor space for three families and a cat, I thought that the gentle feeling of commune around this place was the most valuable quality of life for them.


The theme was to create architecture as a lively outline of the landscape. By obfuscating various boundaries such as the boundary between the neighboring house, inside and outside, workplace and place of residence, it is possible to reopen the framework of the house as a place to include the garden and surrounding environment.
We designed the terraces and walls around the building while carefully observing the sense of distance from the neighborhood, and aimed to build a new cityscape that has begun to appear in the area so that each other’s lifestyles overlap.


The form of the entrance, which is also the boundary between the house and society, has been obscured, and the studio that serves as the owner’s workplace has been placed as a separation through a semi-outdoor entrance.
If you open the studio door and the sliding door, you can create a living environment where the house and the workplace are loosely connected.
The floor, walls, and ceiling are all peeled off once, and the structural and unnecessary reinforcements are applied, while the unnecessary elements in terms of functionality and design are removed, and the skeleton of the existing house is extracted. It is a living space that actively incorporates the surrounding landscape into the history of extension and reconstruction.


The owner enjoys the expression of bamboo swaying in the wind and looks at the moon from the skylight at night. Architecture as an outline has disappeared from consciousness, and life linked to a rough environment has begun.

コヤトキトツキ - 曖昧な輪郭としての建築








Jutakutokushu 02.2019


1 : Photo by Shinkenchiku-sha
2-9 : ©Ken SHIMIZU


Collaboration : Masayoshi MATSUBARA 


House & Atelier
site area : 180.00 m²
built area : 71.29 m²
total floor area : 76.64 m²
1F : 63.40 m²
2F : 13.24 m²