Architects Atelier Ryo Abe

SORALA, Fukuya rooftop garden

- Hiroshima, Japan

This is the renovation project of department store in the center of Hiroshima City. This is one of a few existing building experienced Atomic Bomb in World War 2 and still using  as it was. Trough 70 years of history, loved by citizen of Hiroshima, this building become one of the icon of the city.  For the re-have of the building we suggest to renovate roof top garden open for public use. 

We have organized team with neighboring peoples to organize advanced event programs through year before the design. With the resources of this experience we start design the functions of this place suitable for the programs. Not only for the functions, we searched materials and forms of elements to make this atmosphere as Mirage, the second nature inside the city. With reflection of the lights, play of the shadow, color of Sky changing time to time, people can feel and enjoy the presence of nature. After the renewal open, the roof top garden is changed to life full place with variety of activities, variety of people, come to enjoy this place to link their life with nature in the city.

SORALA, Fukuya rooftop garden
SORALA, Fukuya rooftop garden



1-10 : ©Sadao HOTTA
11-14 : AARA
15-16 : Fukuya


Rooftop garden
structural system:steel + timber frame
total floor area : 2,200 m²