Architects Atelier Ryo Abe

Barrack on The Violet Field

- Tokyo, Japan

A renovation of a 90-year-old guest house. The master house has since been demolished, and the property subdivided, but enough of the original land remained to compliment the remaining building. The renovation was designed to preserve, and highlight the best scenery for its residents. A wooded deck, and tea house was built around the perimeter to frame the garden. The kitchen was replaced with a dining area open to the garden. A corridor was added to make room for storage shelves, and for circulation within the house, and many display spaces were built in order to exhibit family memories. We updated the amenities, and refinished the surfaces to attune the house to a modern lifestyle, but care was taken to preserve the house’s character for future generations. Also we got Reform & Renewal award and Best House of Modern Living 2010.

Photos : Hiroshi UEDA


House (renovation)
structural system : timber frame
site area : 574.8 m²
built area : 148.3 m²
total floor area : 126.3 m²
1F : 126.3 m²