Architects Atelier Ryo Abe

Wishing Well

- Tokyo, Japan

This residence / studio was designed for a pair of manga artists and their collaborators. Their relationship is that of an alternative family, connected trough their taste of creativity. Their wish was to create their own, unique world, optimally conducive to their creativity, within a very private space. 

The overall spiral geometry of the building is centered around a staircase with a large skylight above reminiscent of a well. The wall placement, and building geometry, was devised to create a series of gardens to act as a buffer zone between the residence, and their neighbors. We laid out the floors around the stairwell in a skip floor plan. From each level a portion of the floor above, and below can be seen, striking a balance between openness, and privacy. One must see the interior from all levels to appreciate the change of scenery, dynamism of space, and the movement of sunlight. The result gives one the sense of there being several territories in one house. It is a building that interacts with its inhabitant’s feelings, but at the same time, engages their intellect.

Jutakutokushu 09.2011

Photos : ©Hiroshi UEDA

House & Atelier
site area : 200.58 m²
built area : 77.11 m²
total floor area : 142.09 m²
1F : 71.08 m²
2F : 71.01 m²